Working to better human health by protecting the planet.

What we do

CAPE collaborates with other organizations, nationally and internationally, to work effectively and build power together. We support physicians to be advocates for healthier environments and ecosystems.


We take action to enable health for all by engaging with governments, running campaigns, conducting research, and drawing media attention to key issues. Read about our priorities for 2022-2024 in our Strategic Plan

If Canada meets its climate targets, we will save an estimated 112,000 lives between 2030 and 2050 due to air quality improvements alone. We can do this together.

Guiding principles and values

We seek to better understand how the environment affects human health in order to be a resource to others.
We educate our members, other physicians and health professionals, the public, and policy-makers about environmental health issues.
We take actions that will contribute to the protection and promotion of human health by addressing issues of environmental degradation.
We collaborate with other organizations, nationally and internationally, that share our concerns and values.
We support and guide physicians to advocate for healthier environments and ecosystems.
We speak as physicians.
We are evidence based and ethics driven.

Our impact

We are powerful together. Since our founding in 1993, CAPE’s work has achieved substantial policy victories in collaboration with many partners in the environmental movement.


Advocated for strengthening Bill S-5, an act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), with amendments passed by the Senate in June 2022


Filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau to investigate greenwashing by the fossil fuel industry, resulting in an investigation


Launched the Fossil Fuel Ad-Ban Campaign, 'Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick!' on Clean Air Day


Launched the Advocacy and Mobilization Program for Healthcare Professionals (AMP) program


Won a commitment to ban pesticide usage and sales in Montreal, Quebec


Convinced the province of Québec to reject a new LNG project


Advocated for successful passage of Bill C-12, climate accountability legislation


Became a founding partner in PaRx, Canada's first national nature prescription program


Won a commitment for a nation-wide coal phase-out by 2030


Won a commitment to phase out coal plants in Alberta by 2030


Won regulations to reduce neonics in Ontario by 80%


Banned cosmetic pesticides in Manitoba


Closed Ontario’s coal plants, making Ontario coal-free


Convinced Quebec to withdraw support from the Asbestos industry


Banned cosmetic pesticides in Newfoundland and Labrador


Banned cosmetic pesticides in New Brunswick


Banned cosmetic pesticides in Ontario