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With just one annual fee of your choice, you can join CAPE in our mission to protect human health by protecting the environment. Your donation will go toward banning pesticides across the country, promoting active forms of transportation, ensuring coal power is replaced with sustainable forms of energy as quickly as possible, and many other important projects. Once you sign up we will keep you in the loop on what your donation is doing to improve the health of Canadians, and other ways you can help. Join today!

There are two types of members…

Supporting Members

Members who support the organization with donations, follow our work, and/or sign on to petitions on occasion. Anyone can be a supporting member of CAPE, all you have to do is make a donation!

Active Members

Members who want to engage directly in CAPE campaigns. These members must have expertise in environmental health, ecosystem health, public health, or environmental issues, and share the values of CAPE. To become an active member, individuals must apply to the Board. Those interested in becoming active members should send a note to

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