Children’s Environmental Health Project

CAPE has put its Children’s Environmental Health Project online. The project originated with the idea that physicians need access to information about the effects of the environment on children’s health.

CAPE initially planned a poster and brochure, but finally decided to put the project on the Web site instead. It provides a summary of the medical and scientific information about environmental effects on health. It has been designed to be a practical tool for physicians, and has been reviewed by a team of physicians. We hope the information will be helpful to other health care providers, parents and the public.

Published by the Canadian Institute for Child Health, The Health of Canada’s Children: A CICH Profile – 3rd Edition provides a relevant and clear picture of where our children are today, and gives some direction for where we might assist them as they explore their futures. Featured commentator on children’s environmental health is CAPE Chair, Dr. Trevor Hancock.

CAPE participated in the writing of Environmental Standard Setting and Children’s Health by the Canadian Environmental Law Association and the Ontario College of Family Physicians. The 400-page report looks at the adequacy of the standard-setting process for protecting the health of children in Canada and includes a detailed review of research into the greater susceptibility and exposure of children to environmental contaminants.

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