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Alison Scott Butler QC

Why I’m an EcoLeader

I am a long-time advocate for the elimination of cosmetic pesticides, as well as the drastic reduction of toxics from all aspects of human endeavour, and I have been elated at the progress made by CAPE. CAPE is a small organization with only part-time employees, but it has made tremendous strides by promoting pesticide bylaws in municipalities across Canada.

The new Ontario provincial law, together with regulations – effective April 22 – which eliminates cosmetic pesticide use is the culmination of a tremendous effort on CAPE’s part. The power of physician advocacy cannot be underestimated. Physicians who provide care for patients are hard pressed to undertake advocacy individually. But, collectively they can be very effective. They can raise public awareness and change laws to improve our environment and thereby improve our health. Financial resources are essential, and I have not come across any organization that uses its resources more effectively than CAPE.


Why I'm an EcoLeader

Take Action.

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