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Dr. Conrad Sichler

Why I’m an EcoLeader

Ever since I was a child on camping and hiking trips with my parents, I have felt an affinity for the natural world, and have found solace, comfort, inspiration, and mystery within it. And ever since medical school, I have felt an affinity for progressive causes and issues. During medical school at McGill, I founded a group ponderously titled Medical Students for Social Responsibility after the original name (The Albert Schweitzer Society) ended up having a problematic acronym. Although we did not accomplish any large number of particularly tangible goals during my time there, it was at least a forum for like-minded students to engage with one another and dream how we could make a difference.

Since then, I have spent some time in ceremony with indigenous people in Canada, and have had some first-hand glimpses into how we could have a radically different relationship with the Earth than we now do as a society.

I have also spent time with people involved in CAPE, and been impressed with their savvy and committed advocacy, as well as their real victories on important issues such as coal power and cosmetic pesticide use.

So after years of sporadic support of CAPE, and as a result of some very unobtrusive encouragement from CAPE’s Fundraising Director, I have finally ponied up and began to make monthly donations to support CAPE.

Keep up the good work!

Why I'm an EcoLeader

Take Action.

Take action today and sign CAPE’s petition to make a difference for the environmental health of future generations to come.


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