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Dr. Nicole le Riche and Dr. John Howard

Sustaining What Matters

When grandchildren are born, many people feel overwhelming pride and joy, and a hope that their family legacy will live on in the new lives of their grandchildren.

In the past five years, Dr. John Howard and Dr. Nicole le Riche have been blessed with the birth of six healthy grandchildren. Their births reinforced their desire to do everything they could to protect their grandchildren and keep them healthy.

As physicians, parents, and now grandparents, they know how important fresh air, clean water, and a stable climate are to their grandchildren’s overall health. John and Nicole also know that the toxic substances found in our homes, food, air and water, as well as climate change, are putting the health of Canadians at risk. As physicians, they know that hundreds of thousands of Canadians get sick, and that tens of thousands of people die each year, as a result of toxic substances, and from climate change.

They feel that they can use their training as physicians, the credibility they have as doctors, and the trust that the community places in them, to make a bigger difference to the health and lives of Canadians. They have decided to make CAPE (The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) a focus of their philanthropic giving—to support CAPE in its effort to protect the health of all Canadians by improving the health of the environment we all share.

Dr. Nicole le Riche and Dr. John Howard (5th and 4th from the right) pose with their children and three of their grandchildren.


John and Nicole have volunteered many hours of their time and given financially to CAPE over many years. Today, we would like to thank them for leaving CAPE a very generous gift in their will. They hope that their gift will make a big difference to the future of our planet and leave a positive legacy to their grandchildren.

Why I'm an EcoLeader

Take Action.

Take action today and sign CAPE’s petition to make a difference for the environmental health of future generations to come.


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