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Dr. John Gannage

I’ve seen firsthand the impact that our environment has on human health. Shortly after graduating medical school I became a patient myself, suffering from an acute liver injury brought on in part by pesticides. I have spent the years since then working to better understand the complex interplay between the environment and chronic illness, dedicating much of the focus of my practice to detoxification from environmental toxins and pollutants, educating both patients and other physicians, and using any platform I can to bring attention to what I see as the most pressing issues of our time.

The evidence linking the health of our minds and bodies to the health of the environment is there and growing, but on a daily basis, I see patients– many of them children– who are suffering in large part due to the impact of the chemical industry. I have studied and consolidated the literature regarding the influence of toxicants, environmentally derived, on neurodevelopment and latent illness in adults. There can be no doubt that many of our chronic illnesses, epidemic in nature, are related to environmental pollutants and their retention in human tissue.

As physicians with knowledge of the impact of environmental toxins, I believe that we have the responsibility to educate and to push for change, not only at the individual level with our patients but also at the national level where we can make large scale changes, and protect our planet and our people going into the future. I practice medicine in a way that emphasizes prevention, and often, prevention starts with policy. I work with CAPE in order to go further. I trust in their mission, their approach, and their network of passionate, dedicated individuals, and I trust that together, we can make a difference.

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