Dr. Bradley J. Dibble

Why I became an Eco-Leader

By Dr. Bradley J. Dibble

Author PhotoI’ve been interested in the environment, global warming and climate change for many years. I believe that physicians have a unique perspective to offer the public in educating them on these important issues.

First of all, physicians often have a good grasp of various aspects of science including branches that aren’t directly related to medicine. Secondly, we are frequently good at explaining complex topics in ways that are easier to understand, so public education naturally becomes an important part of our responsibility. Don’t forget: the word “doctor” comes from the latin docere which means “to teach.”

And most importantly, the biggest societal impacts that result from a threatened environment, global warming and climate change are to the health of living beings on our planet. Physicians aren’t only interested in treating those with injury or disease; our true goal is to be proactive and help people maintain good health, preventing injury and disease from happening in the first place. That’s why so many physicians have been involved in projects such as mandatory helmets for cyclists and smoking bans in public places. Our duties extend beyond those who walk into our offices. I believe they extend to everyone on the planet, now and in the future.

Being an Eco-Leader with CAPE is a great way for me to connect to like-minded individuals who share this philosophy with me, and who can help teach me what more I can do in my efforts to make this planet a better place.


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