Dr. Joe Vipond

Why I became an Eco-Leader

By Dr. Joe Vipond

I’ve been asked to write about why I work with CAPE, why the work that they do is so important.  As a physician, a father, and a member of society, I realize that the choices we make as a civilization, right here, right now, determine the future for my patients, my family, and our citizens.  There is no more procrastination, as the changes we have inflicted on the world are rapidly outpacing our ability to mitigate them. I have made a vow to myself that I am going to do my damned all to see that I give my children the best chance they have for a prosperous, long life.  Chemicals in our ecosphere, carbon in our atmosphere, have become serious threats to our ability to offer the next generation opportunities equal to those we have enjoyed.  It is our obligation as physicians, who hold the respect of society as a whole, and are responsible for our population’s health, to advocate to our utmost for the change we need to create in the world.  It is a winnable battle, but we must be steadfast and bold, and persistent.  My patients, my children, and my children’s children, deserve no less.


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