Dr. John Howard

Why I became an Eco-Leader

by Dr. John Howard

John-NicoleIn 1995 I had an “ah-hah” moment when I realized that the world was going down the wrong path. As a physician and professor, I thought I could make a difference. Since then, I live always considering my environmental impact and always trying to incorporate awareness of the environment in my teaching.

I joined CAPE in 2003. I was impressed how CAPE had the values that were closest to mine – environmental integrity and honesty, and always recognizing that real health depends on a healthy environment.

As a long-time Board Member, campaigner and donor, I have witnessed CAPE champion pesticide bans across the country. I’m now confident that over the next five years, CAPE will lead the country to create a nation-wide ban of the cosmetic use of pesticides. This will free Canadians from the health risks linked to these chemicals including cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological diseases.

Supporting CAPE on the organizational front and as an Eco-Leader provides me with opportunities to practice preventive medicine that go beyond caring for the health of one patient at a time and take an active role in protecting our communities by protecting the overall health of our planet. That’s why it’s key for people to step up and become Eco-Leaders. This is why my wife, Dr. Nicole le Riche, and I have increased our support to the Eco-Leader Gold Level.


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