Dr. Raquel Feroe FRCPC

Why I became an Eco-Leader

By Dr. Raquel Feroe FRCPC
Dr Feroe

CAPE Eco-Leader Dr. Raquel Feroe and the winners of the 2009 Emerald Award, who won for their work on idling reduction.
To read their story visit emeraldfoundation.ca

I became an eco-leader because I like to be strategic with my charitable dollars. CAPE has credibility, capacity, and their very existence helps people to link environmental health to personal health. I could have become an Eco-Leader solely based on CAPE’s award-winning work on pesticide policy but there is more that attracts me to CAPE. Supporting CAPE is a way for me to practice preventative medicine that has the potential to reach the masses and raise hope for our planet. CAPE’s mandate is to promote environmental sustainability and ecosystem health. For those of you, like me, who see patients with chronic illness, the opportunity to be part of an organization that offers such a refreshing and proactive approach to healthcare is very appealing.

I would love to network with other CAPE physicians and particularly those in Edmonton where I live. I hope all doctors reading this article decide to join CAPE’s Eco-Leaders and I look forward to networking and sharing our environmental interests.


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