Dr. Richard Denton

Dr. Richard Denton Kick Starts Environmental Health Endowment

As someone who has always been an active environmentalist, Dr. Richard Denton goes back a long way with CAPE.

Dr. Denton lives and works in Kirkland Lake, ON, where he has a family medicine practice and has been actively involved in a number of environmental issues including a local pesticide ban and promoting recycling.

Earlier this year, Dr. Denton contributed a gift of over $11,000.00 in mutual funds to start an Environmental Health Endowment for CAPE’s charitable wing. His gift will be named “The Dr. Denton Family Trust”.

“Doctors are leaders in the community and should show that leadership by becoming advocates for our patients’ health”, said Denton. “If we put money towards doing good things, the benefits will live on for many years.”

Dr. Denton’s hope is that his colleagues will be encouraged to contribute to this new endowment which he says will “allow CAPE to take on environmental health issues for years to come.”

“Richard’s gift is really ground breaking,” said CAPE Executive Director, Gideon Forman, “His wonderful generosity will allow us to take our work to a new level. He is a great friend to CAPE — and the planet as a whole.”

For information on how you can contribute to the Environmental Health Endowment, please contact CAPE Executive Director Kim Perrotta at (416) 306-2273


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