Dr. Sadhana Prasad

Why I Became an Eco-Leader


By Dr. Sadhana Prasad, Geriatrician and CAPE member

Growing up in India in the late 1950s and early 1960s, I enjoyed a relatively pesticide-free environment and the food was non-modified — as original as it could be; and vegetables were bought daily fresh at the local market. The vegetables were small in size but the taste was unbeatable. As I grew older and had a family of my own in my new home in Canada, I came to realize the importance of doing more with less if we are to give our children and grandchildren the best environment to thrive in. Ecologically sound practices and harvesting our natural resources in a sustainable ethical manner are key to our future well-being: related to our health, environment, and economy.  And that is why I am a member and supporter of CAPE. Because as an association we have a stronger voice and can continue to work toward that sustainable future.


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