Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is almost here. On Saturday, April 22, we unite hearts and minds with communities across the world to grow our energy to advocate for planetary health. This year’s global theme is Invest in Our Planet. We couldn’t agree more with the need to invest our knowledge, strategy, and networks to take bold action on the environment and health. At the same time, let’s also honour the hopes and anxieties that drive us to push for healthy people and a healthy planet.

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” It’s this approach that has brought CAPE to the forefront of health and environmental advocacy in Canada. Following nearly 30 years of collective effort, solid action, and high-impact success, our voice is in demand in powerful spaces.

On Tuesday, April 18, CAPE leadership presented to the non-partisan, All-Party Climate Caucus in Ottawa. MPs from all five federal parties heard the importance of planetary health for a stable planet and functioning health systems. This special invitation to speak with the Members of Parliament most committed to addressing climate change was the result of excellent lobbying from participants in our Advocacy and Mobilization Program (AMP) in February—27 AMP participants met with MPs from across Canada to discuss health-informed concerns on climate action, environmental racism, and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Left to right: Dr. Inês Lopes, Dr. Sandy Perreault, Dr. Sehjal Bhargava, and Dr. Courtney Howard

Group image on the right from Monique Pauzé

We are also dedicated to building our capacity for success. This week, we asked you to tell us your priorities for supporting CAPE. You told us that your top three motivations were:

  1. The efficacy of our informed collective action, from a health perspective, on environmental issues
  2. The well-being of your family and generations to follow
  3. CAPE sets achievable goals with the urgency to act on climate change 

Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to provide opportunities for health professionals to participate in this critical work, keeping the health and longevity of our families in view, and addressing climate change with high-impact, health-focused targets.

You can pitch in to this effort in numerous ways: by joining a regional committee, by applying for training with AMP, and by giving generously in support of the work needed to keep building on our momentum.  

With appreciation,

Dr. Melissa Lem
President, CAPE