Giving Tuesday 2022

Your belief in the possibility of a healthy planet for generations to come is at the heart of our work. Our strength lies in drawing together a constellation of collaborators that keep us reaching for the stars and making waves with our research, education, advocacy, and programming.

Photo: A participant the CAPE BC Healthy Solutions Climate Fair

I’m sure you’ve received more messages about Giving Tuesday than you can give your full attention to. Knowing this, I’m inviting you to take a look at what your support means for us in building the CAPE community of advocacy for environment and health as we plan for 2023. 


Thank you for pushing us to grow our capacity over the past year! 

  • Gifts from 1,506 private donors made up 70% of our budget in 2021-2022 and it made all the difference in getting us to where we are today! 
  • We have expanded our reach with regional committees, increased our program delivery to health professionals, mobilized advocacy with hundreds of thousands of health professionals, grown our collaborations in coalitions, and brought on several new staff to implement our new strategic plan.

Your trust has been the backbone of our impact for nearly thirty years. We are effective at hitting our targets with a lean budget because we have the best people on board for this journey, taking swift, decisive action together. Without you, we could not have brought the health voice to environmental causes on a national scale as we are now. 

Photo: Dr. Mili Roy (centre, chair of CAPE Ontario) and Dr. Samantha Green (far right, CAPE board president-elect)

Please consider making a gift today, and share this message with anyone else that you know believes in our cause. 

Scroll down to see the ways in which various people contribute to this effort, read about our recent impact, and see how you can fit into this community of environmental advocacy with a health lens.

Happy Giving Tuesday! 

The CAPE Team 

Photo: Lead organizer of the CAPE BC Healthy Solutions Climate Fair, Dr. Deborah Curry (centre), and Dr. Melissa Lem (second from the right, CAPE board president)




Listening, sharing, signing actions and communicating local priorities across Canada

Guided by your head and your heart, you offer critical financial and in-kind support to fund our timely work

Regional Committees
Professionals volunteering at the local level to tackle pressing issues and collaborating nationally to organize coordinated efforts

Board of Directors
Physicians and professionals passionate and deeply informed about health and environment issues guiding our strategic direction 

Brilliant academics, community organizers, and communications personnel