To ensure a lasting recovery from COVID-19 and prevent further health crises, government investments must prioritize health. We’re putting the finishing touches on a report that shows the substantial health and economic benefits of a just and healthy recovery. Once we launch in July, we’ll need your help to make sure elected representatives understand that lives can be saved by investing in a healthy recovery.

Will you help us spread the word?

CAPE has been involved in major national and international campaigns calling for a Healthy and Just Recovery, so that we build back better and healthier than before this pandemic hit.

The National Campaign for a #JustRecoveryforAllDoctor listening to a child's heart. Text says "Put People's Health and Wellbeing first, no exceptions"
More than 300 civil society groups, representing a collective memberships of millions in Canada collaborated to draft six Principles for a Just Recovery. CAPE played a crucial role in this effort, ensuring that creating a safe, healthy, and equitable future is at the core of the principles.  Principle 1 is “Put people’s health and wellbeing first, no exceptions,” and at CAPE, we firmly believe that includes taking action to stop climate change.
Read the other principles and learn more about that campaign here.

The International Campaign for #HealthyRecovery
Organizations representing over 40 million doctors, nurses and health professionals released a letter calling on G20 leaders to put public health at the centre of COVID19 recovery plans. CAPE doctors have been leaders in calling for a healthy recovery from the beginning of the pandemic, and led outreach to the many Canadian organizations who signed on. Individuals and organizations can still sign on to that letter here.

Press from the #HealthyRecovery launch
CTV Interview with Dr. Courtney Howard
Radio-Canada Interview with Dr. Claudel Pétrin-Derosier

Campagne nationale #RelanceJuste
Plus de 300 groupes et organisations québécoises et canadiennes, représentants collectivement des millions d’individus, ont partagé six principaux pour une relance juste. L’ACME a joué un rôle crucial dans cet effort collectif, s’assurant d’une place déterminante pour la création d’un futur misant sur la santé et l’équité.  Principe 1 c’est “Donner la priorite a la sante et au bien-etre des populations, sans exception” et au ACME, nous croyons fermement que cela implique de prendre des mesures pour arrêter le changement climatique. Découvrez les reste des six principes ici

Une campagne internationale pour une #RepriseViable
Des organisations représentant plus de 40 millions de médecins, infirmières et professionnels de la santé ont publié une lettre demandant aux représentants du G20 de prioriser la santé publique dans les plans de relance post-covid. Nous y avons contribué en convaincant plusieurs organisations canadiennes et québécoises d’y ajouter leur nom. Les personnes et les organisations peuvent encore se joindre à cette lettre de signalement global en signant ici.