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With just one annual fee of your choice, you can join CAPE in our mission to protect human health by protecting the environment. Your donation will go toward banning pesticides across the country, promoting active forms of transportation, ensuring coal power is replaced with sustainable forms of energy as quickly as possible, and many other important projects. Once you sign up we will keep you in the loop on what your donation is doing to improve the health of Canadians, and other ways you can help. Join today!

Supporting Members

Anybody can join CAPE!

We suggest these minimum donation levels: 

  • $25 per year for students
  • $150 per year for doctors 
  • $100 per year for other members. 

However, you decide how much you can donate. Any donation is welcome and counts towards membership. 

Once you donate, you become a Supporting Member for the current year. We highly encourage our Supporting Members to donate annually.

Our Supporting Members:

Regional Committees

Supporting Members can participate in Regional Volunteer Committees where they can become more actively engaged in local or regional campaigns.

If you are interested in joining a Regional Volunteer Committee, please contact the appropriate Chair at the e-mails listed below:

CAPE Ontario Committee:

CAPE Quebec Committee:

CAPE BC Committee:

CAPE AB Committee:

Please note: These e-mails are managed by volunteer members of CAPE.  We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible, but with limited time to do so.   


How to Join as a CAPE Member

1. Donate annually and become a CAPE supporting member

2. Want to get involved further?

3. Contact us to Join a Regional Volunteer Committee

Active Members

Supporting Members who share CAPE’s values and have time to get involved in our campaigns, can become Active Members with the approval of CAPE’s Board.

We are encouraging people who want to become Active Members to volunteer with CAPE for at least several months through one of its Regional Volunteer Committees.

We encourage Active Members to make additional donations to offset costs associated with supporting committees.

Active Members can participate in, and vote at, CAPE’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  They can collaborate with CAPE’s Staff and Board, as well as Supporting Members and key stakeholders, on campaigns designed to gain progressive environmental policies.

With the Board’s permissions, Active Members can lead campaigns in their local communities.  They can also run for a position on the Board when there are openings.

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