Meet our new Executive Director

Having the right team is critical.

Whether it’s work or sports, having the right people in place is critical for any organization’s success.

At CAPE, we’ve been lucky to have some incredible team members build our organization into the force it is today.

But for the last few months, we’ve been on the lookout for a permanent Executive Director to lead our small but mighty team.

Today that changes – I’m excited to announce that, after a thorough and competitive process, our Board of Directors has selected Dr. Anjali Helferty as our new Executive Director.

We couldn’t ask for a better suited team leader.

Anjali joined CAPE in July of 2020 as she was finishing her doctorate focused on Indigenous solidarity in anti-pipeline activism. Before undertaking a Master’s degree in Organizational Change Management, she spent nearly a decade engaged in youth climate activism in Canada and the United States.

Anjali has served as Interim Executive Director for the last three months. In this short time, she led the team as we mobilized to ensure the introduction of reform to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act; prepared a government submission on Bill C-230, the bill to address environmental racism; and organized 50 health organizations and more than 800 health professionals to pressure Prime Minister Trudeau to establish stronger emissions reduction targets at the Leaders’ Summit on Climate.

Anjali has been a key member of CAPE since she joined, and myself and the Board of Directors could not be more happy to have her as Executive Director.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Dr. Joe Vipond, President, on behalf of the CAPE Board of Directors