Dr. Ojistoh Horn

Ojistoh Kahnawahere Horn is a Mohawk / Haudenosaunee woman whose mother is from Kahnawake and father is from Akwesasne. She is Bear Clan, has many children, and is traditionally minded.  Working as a family physician she helps her people through all stages of the life cycle.  Presently, she focuses her time in the outpatient clinics, homes, and long-term care facilities of Akwesasne.  She teaches medical students and residents the complexities of providing primary care to Indigenous peoples and their communities.  Drawing on both Western and Traditional paradigms, working with like-minded Indigenous and non-Indigenous physicians across the country, and with a clear eye on the effects of the environment and pollution on health, she promotes the inclusion and support of traditional knowledge and ‘ways of being’ into a framework for providing holistic and primary care to her people.