Hope in the Midst of Climate Crisis: Doctors Organize Climate Solutions Fair to Inspire Healthy Change 

VANCOUVER, BC — August 16, 2022 — This Saturday, the BC chapter of the Canadian Association of Physicians (CAPE) is launching Vancouver’s first-ever large-scale, outdoor event dedicated to healthy energy solutions to combat the climate emergency at Milton Wong Plaza in Olympic Village: the Healthy Climate Solutions Fair.

After a grim year where patients in her own practice died from climate-change-driven extreme weather events, Dr. Deborah Curry, a Vancouver family physician and lead organizer of the Fair, was looking for a way to channel her own climate anxiety. The idea for a positive, solutions-focused event was the perfect opportunity for her to generate a good dose of hope and real action on planetary health.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in climate doomism, but the truth is we have every solution to stop climate change at our fingertips. The only barriers left between us and 100 per cent clean energy across Canada are social and political,” says Dr. Curry. “Our Fair lays out the achievable energy prescription we need for a healthy future.”

The interactive, family-friendly event co-sponsored by the City of Vancouver, For Our Kids VancouverSociety Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment and 350Vancouver will highlight the health impacts of the climate emergency and point the way to a better future. Featuring diverse exhibits designed by award-winning artists from Vancouver’s film and graphic design community, live demonstrations of induction stove cooking by celebrity chefs Angus An (Maenam) and Meeru Dhalwala (Vij’s), on-site clean-energy experts to answer attendee questions, and renewable energy models that illustrate climate solutions across BC and Canada, the Fair will open positive dialogue with the public and decision-makers on how to move planetary health forward in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Chris Gooderham, technology integrator and Board Director of SPEC, played a key role in mobilizing clean energy experts and working renewable energy exhibits for the event, offering, “SPEC is excited to support the Fair and its vision for a healthier society. The clean energy transition is a powerful tool in our mission to ensure a vibrant, balanced and flourishing ecosystem for all who live on Earth.”

Children of all ages are encouraged to attend and learn from the event, with a clean energy art centre specifically designed for kids run by Tarlan Razzaghi, a lawyer, mother and For Our Kids Vancouver team leader. “The climate crisis is the most complex problem affecting the health and quality of life of our children. People of all ages must all come together to identify and advocate for real solutions to safeguard our collective future,” Razzaghi says.

Ultimately, CAPE BC hopes that framing action on the climate emergency as an opportunity to co-create a healthier future will move the public and local decision-makers to embrace effective clean energy policies. Dr. Melissa Lem, a Vancouver family physician and President-elect of CAPE, states, “Research tells us that one of the most effective ways to convince people to support good climate policy is by communicating its health benefits. And that’s exactly what our Fair is doing—demonstrating real ways we can take action today from household to national scales that will protect our health and the planet at the same time.”

CAPE BC invites the general public, government and industry leaders and workers to join them at one or both Healthy Climate Solutions Fairs this summer.

Dates: August 20 and September 17, 2022
Time: 11 am – 3 pm
Fair opening event with live induction cooking demo at 11 am
Location: Milton Wong Plaza, Olympic Village

Event Partners:
For Our Kids VancouverThe Society Promoting Environmental ConservationThe Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment350VancouverCity of Vancouver


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Pamela Daoust
National Communications Director
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)