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Oksana Belyakov

Fundraising Director

Oksana Belyakov holds an MA in International Environmental Policy, MSc. In Environmental Studies and has 16 years of nonprofit experience. She started her nonprofit career in Ukraine with the American Councils for International Education, and then worked for national partners of BirdLife International and Heifer International. When she realized that the biggest challenge for many nonprofits is lack of funding, she gradually switched from program management to fundraising.

She has a university teaching experience in Environmental Studies, International Environmental Law and Environmental Project Management. Oksana has been involved in developing environmental education resources for schools, universities and university instructors.  

Since her arrival to Canada seven ago, Oksana has worked as a fundraiser for local social service agencies supporting homeless people, LGBTQ+ communities, at-risk youth, men and women with mental health issues, and programming for impoverished seniors. Oksana is passionate about environmental education, climate change and helping people make an impact trough to their donations and volunteering.

She can be reached at

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