Thank you, Robin!

Dear CAPE community,

Robin Edger, our Executive Director (ED), has announced that he will be moving on from our organization to pursue a provincial MPP nomination for the riding of Don Valley West in Toronto and a new position focused on climate adaptation at the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Thanks to Robin’s steady hand at the tiller over the past 18 months and through the tumult of a pandemic, we continue to be a vocal and powerful environmental NGO on the Canadian and global landscape.

Highlights of Robin’s tenure include the release of the Healthy Recovery report, whose influence was reflected by the clear messaging on health and climate change in the federal government’s throne speech in October 2020, and several new provincial CAPE chapters. Alongside Jennifer Kuhl who, until recently, served as our Climate Campaign Lead, Robin worked to launch the groundbreaking webinar series at the start of the pandemic that situated health at the heart of the Just Recovery Principles later endorsed by hundreds of Canadian organizations. We wish him great success on his new adventure.

We continue to be well-served by our capable and strategic interim leader, Dr. Anjali Helferty, who transitioned from the role of Toxics Campaign Lead to Interim Executive Director in January. Our CAPE board will shortly be launching a search for our next ED — keep an eye on our website for the job posting.

CAPE continues to be the most influential organization in Canada that advocates for solutions to environmental issues through a health lens. Please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member, contributing a donation, or both!

Joe Vipond, President, on behalf of the CAPE Board of Directors