The climate crisis is a health emergency, and doctors have prescribed their treatment: swift government action on fossil fuels

The evidence is irrefutable – burning fossil fuels is increasing the incidence and severity of extreme heat, wildfires, pollution, and other climate disasters leading to loss of life and well-being in Canada.

This is about Our Health.

Healthcare providers have been at the frontlines treating patients with respiratory conditions, heat stroke and asthma. Those at highest risk are children and infants, elderly, disabled, Indigenous and racialized people, perpetuating ongoing environmental injustice.

We’ve just experienced a summer of record high temperatures, drought, and unprecedented wildfires. Millions of people have been put at risk due to dangerous levels of wildfire smoke in the air or fires approaching their homes. This comes just two years after more than 600 people died in B.C. within one week due to extreme heat. The climate crisis is an escalating health emergency.

With wildfires still burning across Canada, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are calling on the new federal Minister of Health to treat the climate crisis like the health emergency it is.

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