The Health of Canada’s Children: A CICH Profile – 3rd Edition

The Health of Canada’s Children:
A CICH Profile – 3rd Edition
352 pages (2000)

The Health of Canada’s Children: A CICH Profile is a product of consultation throughout our country, drawing on resources and advice from a wide range of experts in many fields. It provides a relevant and clear picture of where our children are today, and gives some direction for where we might assist them as they explore their futures.

The Profile is a source of reliable, relevant and concise information on the health of children and youth. This signature publication covers a broad range of community health indicators in a reader-friendly format and includes graphs, chapters and commentaries focusing on:

  • Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy
  • Pre-School Children
  • School-aged Children
  • Youth
  • Income Inequity
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Children and Youth with Disabilities
  • Aboriginal Children and Youth
  • Children’s Environmental Health

Use the Profile to:

Monitor child-youth health trends
Develop policies
Develop research agendas
Prepare proposals
Write articles
Give lectures
Set priorities
Design programs
Allocate resources

Guest commentators are featured throughout the book.
They are:

Ms. Ann Schulman (Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy)
Dr. Ray deV. Peters (Preschool Years)
Senator Landon Pearson (School Age)
Dr. Roger Tonkin (Youth)
David P. Ross (Income Inequity)
Dr. Dan Offord (Children’s Mental Health)
Dr. Sharon Hope Irwin (Children and Youth with Disabilities)
Mr. Kenn Richard (Aboriginal Children and Youth)
Dr. Trevor Hancock (Children’s Environmental Health)
Dr. Judith Maxwell (Policy Implications)

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The Health of Canada’s Children: A Pocket Guide
In response to popular demand, the Canadian Institute of Child Health has created a pocket size version of The Health of Canada’s Children: A CICH Profile, 3rd Edition. Offering a selection of charts from each chapter, the pocket guide highlights some key issues in the area of child and youth health. Its convenient size permits you to carry it easily to meetings and conferences in your briefcase or purse. Although The Health of Canada’s Children: A CICH Pocket Guidedoes not replace the full-length book, it does provide high quality and up-to-date information. 36 pages. (2001)

To obtain a copy of the Pocket Guideclick here (pdf file)
The Health of Canada’s Children: Fact Sheets

Topics available are: (PDF files)
Aboriginal Children and Youth 
Enfants et jeunes autochtones

Children and Youth with Disabilities 

Enfants et jeunes ayant une incapacité

Children’s Environmental Health 

Families in Crisis

Familles en crise

Gender Differences

La différences entre les sexes

Income Inequity

Inégalité des revenus

Low Birth Weight
Petit poids à la naissance

Mental Health of Children and Youth
La santé mentale des enfants et des jeunes

The Health and Well-being of Children – Does it contribute to the bottom line?


Les jeunes

Provincial fact sheets available: (PDF files)

A Perspective on Alberta
Une perspective sur l’Alberta

A Perspective on British Columbia 
Une perspective sur la Colombie-Britannique

A Perspective on Manitoba 
Une perspective sur le Manitoba

A Perspective on New Brunswick 
Une perspective sur le Nouveau-Brunswick

A Perspective on Newfoundland 
Une perspective sur la Terre-Neuve

A Perspective on Northwest Territories 
Une perspective sur le Territoires du Nord-Ouest

A Perspective on Nova Scotia 
Une perspective sur la Nouvelle-Écosse

A Perspective on Ontario
Une perspective sur l’Ontario

A Perspective on Prince Edward Island 
Une perspective sur l’Ile du Prince Edouard

A Perspective on Québec

Une perspective sur le Québec

A Perspective on Saskatchewan
Une perspective sur le Saskatchewan

A Perspective on Yukon
Une perspective sur le Yukon


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