Use your trusted voice to advocate for CEPA reform

We are at a critical moment for reforming the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The re-introduction of the former Parliament’s Bill C-28 as Bill S-5 in the Senate on February 9th, 2022 is our call to action for upping our engagement with MPs and others to ensure this first step leads to the passage of a law by the end of 2022. We can’t afford to lose the momentum on CEPA reform!

A recent poll by Proof Strategies’ annual CanTrust Index found that 78% of respondents consider medical doctors the most trusted source of reliable information. Now is the time to use your trusted voice! Imminent action is vital with a minority government committed to updating CEPA and many steps before a bill can become law

CEPA has not been significantly amended for more than two decades, yet sources of exposure and our scientific understanding of risks have changed dramatically over this time. In today’s era of climate emergency, a global plastic pollution problem, and ubiquitous toxic exposures, CEPA must evolve to protect the health of the planet and people adequately. This is especially true for marginalized and vulnerable people – those who are more susceptible to health harms for various reasons, including Indigenous people, women, workers, and racialized people and communities. 

Will you help us get the message to the government that they must prioritize the passage of a modernized CEPA bill before the end of 2022?

CEPA reform is a critical need for a just and green recovery. Bill S-5 introduced in the Senate on February 9, 2022, included much-needed improvements. However, the bill must be strengthened further to deliver a stronger environmental protection law that reflects our current conditions and knowledge. The House Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development should initiate early consideration of the bill while the Senate debates and votes on this legislation to ensure a strong CEPA becomes law as soon as possible. 

Together with our allies, CAPE has been campaigning hard for CEPA reform. Leading environmental and health groups in Canada are calling on all federal parties to prioritize CEPA modernization in this session of Parliament and to pass a strong, modernized bill in this session of Parliament. 

There are several ways you can press for CEPA reform and get the message out to decision-makers:

  • Contact the sponsor of the bill in the Senate, Senator Stan Kutcher and encourage him to work to strengthen and pass the bill for referral to the House.
  • Let the Prime Minister know you would like to see the bill strengthened and prioritized when it is referred to the House so it can become law in 2022.
  • Message Minister Guilbeault and Minister Duclos and let them know CEPA reform now is crucial.
  • Contact your MP with a message asking them to make CEPA reform a priority.
  • Meet directly with your MP and give them the message that CEPA reform is critical now.
  • Write an OpEd or send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper highlighting the importance of CEPA Reform. We have created some helpful resources to assist you with your letter to the editor – this step-by-step guide outlines how to develop your content and get it published.
  • Talk to your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours, and ensure they know the importance of a government commitment to reform CEPA this year.
  • Take to social media with your message of the need to prioritize CEPA Reform – be sure to tag @s_guilbeault and @jyduclos on Twitter.

We are here to help and invite you to reach out to Jane McArthur, Toxics Campaign Director, at with your questions about CEPA reform.

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy for healthier environments and ecosystems. Let’s make CEPA reform a reality in 2022!