Staff and Board


Dr. Anjali Helferty

Executive Director

Pamela Daoust

National Communications Director

Dr. Jane E. McArthur

Toxics Program Director

Natalie Ethier

Operations Director

Karina Cardona

Donor Relations Manager

Dr. Leah Temper

Fossil Fuel Ad-ban Campaign Director

Dr. Patricia Clermont

Organizer for the Quebec Association of Physicians for the Environment (QAPE)

Kiemia Rezagian

Advocacy Training Program Director

Michael Adamson

Regional Coordinator - Ontario and Atlantic Canada

Sameen Ashraf

Regional Coordinator - BC and the Prairies

Robb Barnes

Climate Program Director

Mandalyn Unger

Program Coordinator, Advocacy and Mobilization Training Program

Catherine Poitras

Communications Coordinator

Erin Baird

“Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick” Campaign Coordinator

Board of Directors

Dr. Melissa Lem

CAPE Board President

Dr. Samantha Green

CAPE President-Elect

Dr. Joe Vipond

CAPE Past President

Dr. Claudel Pétrin-Desrosiers

CAPE Board Member

Helen Boyd, RN

CAPE Board Member

Felix Martineau

CAPE Board Treasurer

Dr. Ojistoh Horn

CAPE Board Member

Dr. George Tjensvoll Kitching

CAPE Board Secretary

Dr. Aimée Bouka

CAPE Board Member

Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys

CAPE Board Member

Jacqueline Wilson

CAPE Board Member

Julia Sawatzky

CAPE Board Member